Workshop "learning From The Wild"

23 Avril 2016 - 24 Avril 2016

Hosted by Chester Zoo, UK.

Workshop description

Zoo animal care professionals and researchers know that developing and maintaining species-specific environments is an important factor in ensuring good animal welfare. This workshop is dedicated to ‘learning from the wild' with the main question being "How can research and practical information from wild animals be used to extend and or improve existing animal welfare programs?" We face the challenge to translate relevant scientific findings and practical experiences collected on wild animals, from population or individuals, to benefit captive wild animals.

Many questions come to mind like: Which information is important and relevant? For which species do we have information, and what information do we have? What type of practical ideas can be generated from scientific data? What can we learn from the wild that can for example benefit exhibit design, social life, nutrition, breeding programs, animal training, and environmental enrichment? Which data collected on wild animals can also direct the development of future research and or guide animal welfare assessment of wild captive animals?

There is much to be learned from the wild and this workshop will consist of lectures and workshops, combining science and practical experience covering a variety of topics and taxonomic groups. There will also be planned exercises and discussions.

More information can be found at Learning from the wild - UK

Best regards,
Sabrina Brando